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Cranston, Rhode Island, USA


Wayne Kezirian




This particular project involves the total remodeling and partial expansion of a 3-story single-family home at 2 Indian Road in Cranston. One of the most interesting points of the project is that the original owner was a mason, so the current state of the house was one that was far from the traditional houses of that area of Rhode Island or even the traditional American style as well.

The house has several expansions on its facades made of exposed brick, either as a new structure or as a covering of the existing structure. So this ends up giving the user an impression of a Roman house, with rough brick materiality and even semicircular arches.

The proposal is the harmonious combination between the very essence of the house, that is to say, an American/Roman style, and a more modern American style, where the arches and exposed brick are used to preserve the same spatial quality and the lightness of the latter is used to brighten, ventilate and give amplitude to the building, which was some of the former problematics of the existing structure.

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Ancla 2
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