Brown Residential

Student Residency Project

Completion: July 2019
Location: 21 Euclid Avenue, Providence, RI, USA
Design Team: Bryan Michie.
Project Team: Cesar Michie, Carlos Pinillos, Gabriel Bruno,Nicole Neumann, Antonio Timarchi
Client: College Hill Properties

21 EUCLID_0.jpg

This project consists of the interior and exterior remodeling of a residential complex for students. We proposed removing the sober tones of the facade and instead go a little more towards the bright tones and thus resonate with the colors of Brown University and, at the same time, with its students.


The result was a contrast of dark tones with a bright red, also changing the color of the window frames to a dark tone and installing black and red aluminum panels instead of the traditional siding, thus giving it a more lively and contemporary finish.

Furthermore, the entire interior design of the dormitories was redesigned, giving the students a more familiar and active style. This is vitally important because a considerable number of these students are from the Rhode Island School of Design, so the interior and exterior design of this complex had to be an icon that resonates with and represents them.

21 EUCLID_1.jpg
21 EUCLID_2.jpg
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