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Sharon, Massachusetts, USA


Aron and Tilsa Baskin



Baskin House


This project consists of the interior design of the living room, dining room and kitchen of the Baskin family. The client opted for a modern and elegant style with a neutral color scheme.

The core of this living room is the marble-clad fireplace, surrounded by wood panels and classy built in shelves. Also, we included a brown leather couch and golden steel profiles in order to contrast the elements in the proposal.

​The dining room was carried out with a vertical texture on the dividing wall, which allows the central luminaire to be the attention focus in the space. Moreover, it was complemented with a horizontal mirror and a built-in cabinet in the lower part.

In addition to this, the minimalist kitchen has an incredible balance between the different materials that have been used, where the white marble kitchen bar is considered as the main element of the space in conjunction with the wooden cabinets that create a cozy atmosphere.

Ancla 1
Ancla 2
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