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Rhode Island, USA


Rhode Island SPCA




The starting point of this project was to remodel a Cultural Center with offices to turn it into the most welcoming Rescue Center in New England. Because of the nature of the project, we worked hand in hand with different animal specialists to ensure we were going to give the animals a pleasant and functional temporary home, and the visitors the most charming experience when they would come to adopt the new member of their family.

Initially, we focused on understanding how similar centers work and how they could be improved. We got together a team with specialists in the subject, and worked constantly with each other and the client.

We rearranged the layout by considering the accesses to the building, differing the emergency ones, from the staff and the visitors one. Later on, after figuring out all the functional aspects of the design, we decided to give the proposal a memorable place. That is how we came up with the Green Core.

The Green Core is the main space in this project. It articulates the whole facility by adding a green space that works as a multipurpose room, as well as a main patio. It integrates the visitor with the animal since it is the first place where they have contact before adoption.


This skylighted space reflects the magical atmosphere of the whole project. Lastly, the lobby design was conceived as where the experience began, proposing some custom elements.

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Ancla 2
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