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Warwick, Rhode Island, USA



完成时间: 2019年7月
位置:21 Euclid Avenue, Providence, RI, USA
设计团队: Bryan Michie,Nicole Neumann
项目团队: Cesar Michie,Carlos Pinillos,Gabriel Bruno
客户: College Hill Properties




The Sea View Heaven project consisted in remodeling the second floor of a family home in Warwick. The strategy was to prioritize the outstanding views on the outside, taking advantage of natural light and ventilation, and combining them with an interior design that highlights the natural tones of wood.

For the first floor, we designed an open kitchen, which would maintain a relationship with the renovated living room and the social area, working on a bright, spacious and wide concept.

For this design, even the smallest detail was taken into consideration incorporating the wishes of our client by making a hand in a hand job. Thus, at the client’s request, blue kitchen furniture was used, giving more life to the kitchen, in combination with granite.

Likewise, a design proposal was made for the bedroom, main bathroom and walk-in closet, in which we highlighted the spaces by means of the contrast between strong colors, black metal profiles and modern finishes for an elegant design with monochrome details.

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Ancla 2
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