Basketball Court

Remodeling Project

Completion: June 2020
Location:  Boston, US
Design Team: Bryan Michie, Antonio Timarchi, Stefano Paz, Alessandra Contreras.
Project Team: Cesar Michie, Tyler Rodrigues, Marco Defruscio.
Client: Courtney Sims


Courtney Sims, a well-known basketball player from Boston, contacted us to carry out a project to adapt a warehouse into a gymnasium where he, and the children of his neighborhood, would have a place to train and play throughout the day.



The great challenge of this project was to quickly and efficiently design the court to respond to the client's needs and develop an interior design with a sports-centered theme. The spaces had to be thought through to accommodate the court and half-court in the hangar without it feeling crowded, using every space possible. Likewise, we developed a space of dressing rooms and bathrooms to respond to the needs of future users and visitors of the court.