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Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, Peru


Pumaquiro S.A.C.




A disused 2-story building was redesigned as a low-cost backpacker hostel. Most of the first floor was arranged as a social area with a living room, common dining room, full kitchen, laundry room, open pool, and it was decided to include a mixed bedroom with its own bathroom.

The second floor consists of a communal TV room and two bedrooms with their own bathroom. The third floor consists of 4 bedrooms with a bathroom included, one with a double bed, 2 bedrooms with double beds, and, as the main space of the hostel, a bedroom with a king bed and a kitchenette included.

The contrast of polished concrete with the locally sourced wood creates a vibrant and lively atmosphere in the social areas. Comfort and sunlight were taken into account while designing our shared bedrooms. Each bunk bed has built-in storage and delicate curtains for privacy, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows that allow a perfect natural illumination and a clear view of the Madre de Dios river.

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