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Wickenden St, Providence, USA


Almina Ramos

Fox Point


Michie Design & Build


The project began as a floor and ceiling remodel for a single-story home, adding two bedrooms and an extra bathroom. As the design process evolved and various proposals were presented to the client, it was decided to expand the entire second floor and design four extra bedrooms with an extra bathroom.

For the first floor, it was chosen to design a fixed space for the living room that faced the open-kitchen design, where we implemented an island that works as both a cooking and dining table. Furthermore, it was decided to design furniture for the kitchen that hides the guest bathroom, thus giving the space cleaner and more minimalist encounters.

A space for a coffee table with large lighting income was also designed to create a spatiality rich in both natural lighting and ventilation. Regarding the second floor, it was decided to use a butterfly distribution, two bedrooms towards the sides, and a nucleus with a u-shaped staircase and furniture that hides the washing machine and a bathroom for these bedrooms.

As for the facade, it was determined on a minimalist design and modern cabin, with a white siding and a wooden frame that stands out and embraces the architecture. The project protagonist is the black volume that disrupts the volumetry and makes the master bedroom a visually attractive space. We approached the facade with an original reinterpretation of Lima’s republican balconies in our attempt to bring bits of Peruvian architecture to every corner of the world.

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