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Cranston, Providence, RI, USA



完成时间: 2019年7月
位置:21 Euclid Avenue, Providence, RI, USA
设计团队: Bryan Michie,Nicole Neumann
项目团队: Cesar Michie,Carlos Pinillos,Gabriel Bruno
客户: College Hill Properties




This remodeling project consisted of the redesign of a two-story unit house located in Cranston. Our client wanted a fashionable, modern, luxury style that will combine a minimalist design with trending finishes.

On the common areas, this was accomplished throughout a large quartz kitchen island with industrial lighting that unifies the room, making the dining, kitchen and living, one big open space that connects the indoor and outdoors.

To this extent, by opening new sliding doors and big windows, we took advantage of the beautiful landscape surroundings. Likewise, the main bedroom and bathroom are considered to have amazing views from the inside, mixed with monochrome finishes giving the space the modern look required.

Lastly, a new facade was proposed to give the existing house a more contemporary look that will match the interior design. In that way, a combination of dark fiber cement panel siding, metal roofing, a big custom mahogany door and a tinted glass garage door gave the house the perfect look by revitalizing it.

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