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24 Waterview

Addition Design & Deck Remodeling

Completion: 2021
Location: Riverside, Rhode Island


At the heart of this project lies our innovative "roof deck" concept. The existing deck was carefully demolished, making way for a design that harmoniously combines a functional room at its base and a stunning deck on the surface. This dynamic integration provides a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor realms, blurring the boundaries between nature and architecture.

The transformation did not stop there. The new room connects to the existing relaxation area, forming a unified sanctuary of comfort and serenity. Our interior design proposal adorned the space with a captivating blend of wooden finishes and a white/warm color palette. This meticulous selection of materials and colors exudes elegance, warmth, and a timeless appeal.

Each detail was thoughtfully considered to create an inviting atmosphere that embraces modernity and sophistication. The interplay of textures, the play of natural light, and the harmonious balance of elements create an ambiance that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

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