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Sharon Bedrooms

Interior Decoration

Completion: 2021
Location: Sharon, Rhode Island - USA

Client: Keith Bernstein

These bedrooms were designed for two teenage brothers who wanted a remodel of their childhood rooms for a fresh and modern design. The client requested a cool aesthetic for both rooms using a black and white monochrome palette, while getting rid of all the old furniture for the first room, but keeping most of it for the second room.


Thereby, bedroom number one was completely redesigned with new furniture to achieve a lounge appearance with a corner bed with a comfy headboard and sideboard, and industrial looking furniture.


The second room was more of a challenge because we had to use the existing furniture to achieve the request of the clients, but we did it by paying attention to the rest of the details and creating a balance between the the old and new furniture. 

michie design & build
michie design & build
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