Micro Units

Architectural Project

Completion: 2021
Location: Providence, Rhode Island - USA
Design Team: Stefano Paz, Bryan Michie. 
Project Team: Antonio Timarchi, Marco Defruscio, Kevin Aguilar, Cesar Michie.
Client: Joseph Depena


Designing a housing complex is one of the most required typologies in architecture due to the spatial advantages that this brings while benefiting people with the advantages of life in community.


The client asked to design a single building with independent rooms to serve as accommodation so that the units could be rented separately, aligning with local standards correctly.


Regarding the façade, a minimalist and modern design was chosen in order to preserve the local typology but with traits of modernity. On the other hand, the interior distribution had to correspond to a comfortable but above all functional home for the client's proposal, where the use of rest and meeting spaces had to be the priority.


It has a ground floor parking next to a service area, while on the second, third and fourth floors are the 4 rooms. In each of them, the use of space is evidenced without breaking the line of comfort and correct spatiality, using double heights in different areas. The bedroom with which the building is finished on the fourth floor, has an exclusive balcony-type opening on the east side, taking advantage of the slope of the roof, thus giving it an exclusive atmosphere.