2M House

Residential Project

Completion: July 2019
Location: Av. Dos de Mayo, Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, Perú
Design Team: Bryan Michie, Nicole Neumann
Project Team: Cesar Michie, Martin Quevedo
Client: Andrea y Percy Zlatar


The project consisted of remodeling the rooftop floor into a rental space, with an Airbnb-like model. What´s interesting about the project is the zig-zag shaped furniture that was designed to perfectly divide the rooftop into two equal areas.



Likewise, a set of gabled roofs with different levels was designed, the space that surrounds the kitchen, living room, and dining room has a ceiling with a greater height that allows an entry of overhead light located in the ceiling gap, giving the feeling of a higher and brighter space.


As for the bedroom, it was designed with enough space for a double bed with a suitable closet and with a terrace overlooking the jungle. The designed sliding doors bring great ventilation and lighting to the bedroom, giving a feeling of greater connection to the Jungle.